RTI Implementer Series Training Modules

These three training modules were developed for beginning implementers of Response to Intervention (RTI). These modules are intended to provide foundational knowledge about the essential components of RTI and to build an understanding about the importance of RTI implementation. The modules were designed to be delivered in the following sequence: screening, progress monitoring, and multi-level prevention system. The fourth essential component, data-based decision making, is embedded throughout the three modules.

These modules are intended for teams in initial planning or implementation of a school or districtwide RTI framework. The modules provide school and district teams with an overview of the essential components of RTI, opportunities to analyze school and district RTI data, activities so they can apply new knowledge, and team planning time.

If you are interested in viewing the online self-paced versions of the modules, please visit the RTI Implementer Series Self-paced Learning Modules.

The RTI Implementer Series should be delivered by a trained, knowledgeable professional. This training series is designed to be a component of comprehensive professional development that includes supplemental coaching and ongoing support. The Training Facilitator's Guide, which is a companion to all the training modules, is designed to assist facilitators in delivering training modules from the Center. Each training module includes the following training materials:

  • PowerPoint Presentations that include slides and speaker's notes
  • Handouts
  • Videos (embedded in PowerPoint slides)
  • Training Manual

RTI Implementer Series Module 1: Screening

RTI Implementer Series Module 2: Progress Monitoring

RTI Implementer Series Module 3: Multi-level Prevention System

Training Facilitators Guide