RTI Implementer Series Module 2: Progress Monitoring

In the RTI Implementer Series Module 2: Progress Monitoring, participants will become familiar with the essential components of an RTI framework with a particular focus on progress monitoring. The module covers basic information on progress monitoring and a multi-step process for selecting progress monitoring tools. Data-based decision making is embedded throughout the module with content focused on using progress monitoring data to evaluate and make decisions about instruction, to set goals, and to establish an effective progress monitoring system. While this module may be used alone, it was developed as part of a series of modules focused on the essential components of Response to Intervention.

This module should be delivered by a trained, knowledgeable professional. This training module is designed to be a component of comprehensive professional development that includes supplemental coaching and ongoing support. The Training Facilitator's Guide, which is a companion to all the training modules, is designed to assist facilitators in delivering the training modules developed by the Center.